What I Do

I help executives reach financial independence more quickly by making the most of executive compensation, managing life’s myriad risks, and investing wisely. Through a consultative process, I bring together each client’s unique needs and goals into a customized financial plan that is designed to evolve with each stage of life. My experience valuing stocks and equity warrants can be helpful to clients as they consider their strategy regarding incentive compensation.

Why It Works

Rather than relying on forecasts, acting on hunches, and addressing issues ad hoc, we rely on the science of investing to manage our client portfolios. We systematically address all aspects of a financial plan, from investing to help with tax and estate planning. We stay on task relentlessly to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, leaving you free to focus your time where it is better spent, be that family, work, recreation, or community.

Why I Do It

My start in wealth management was serendipitous. My mother was getting poor advice from her advisor, so I started managing her investments. Friends started coming to me, asking me for help to make sense of their jumbled finances. I realized how much I like helping people. And not just with the investing. It’s getting the whole picture right, from uncovering what a client’s real priorities and goals are, to counseling them on how to achieve those priorities, while not running out of money. Knowing I can make a positive difference to my clients’ lives makes a big difference to mine.

How I’m Different

I use my 15 years of Wall Street experience in money management and investment research to focus on what works in investing, while screening out everything that doesn’t work. For more on this topic, refer to my ELEVATE Your Plan℠ presentation in the Training section of this web site. It provides free in-depth training on the strategies that are essential to accelerating your timeline to financial independence. You’ll likely see critical mistakes that you’re making in managing your retirement portfolio.

At Capital Endurance Group we are fee-only fiduciary advisors. We receive revenue only from our clients, and nobody else. That means I’m always in your corner, searching for the very best solution on your behalf.

Capital Endurance Group advisors are limited to 50 clients, so that each relationship receives the level of service it deserves. We consider quarterly meetings a minimum standard for clients, unlike many competitors, who incentivize advisors on client quantity rather than service quality.

Who I Work With

I work with technology and life sciences executives in the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina. I work with clients who value the attention that comes with my focus on just a select group. Once you become a client, you work with me, not a junior advisor.

Who I Don’t Work With

I don’t work with active traders and other investors easily swayed by financial media headlines. That approach makes long-term portfolio growth exceedingly difficult to achieve. Our approach is instead a disciplined and repeatable investment management process based on lessons gleaned from the best academic research.

Investment Experience Prior to Capital Endurance Group

After completing my MBA at Columbia Business School in 2002 I worked in New York for Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank Securities, researching investments for mutual fund and hedge fund clients.

In 2009, my wife and I moved to the Raleigh area where I worked as an investor at a firm serving state retirement funds and corporate pension plans. During the credit crisis, I advised the US Department of the Treasury on its investments in US banks, from valuations of bank securities, to guidance on private equity recapitalizations of banks at risk of failure.


Columbia Business School

MBA (Finance)

University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Dual Degree: BCom (Economics), BA (History)

Professional Designations

CFP® – Certified Financial Planner

CFA® – Certified Financial Analyst

CA – Chartered Accountant (Chartered Accountants of Australia & New Zealand