SustainedLifeStyleTM Approach

The vast majority of executives with whom I partner don’t want to retire on a diminished lifestyle – they want to sustain their current lifestyle through retirement. But to achieve that goal takes a lot of work, planning, and knowledge. At a very high level, the 10 key steps in this effort are as follows…

1 Current Circumstance Check: Share the details of your current circumstances, how you got to where you are, and what you want to change.

2 The Why of Your Money: Reflect on what you want for the rest of your life, for your children, and for your legacy.

3 Executive Earnings: Create a plan to maximize the after-tax proceeds of your executive compensation and incorporate it into your overall portfolio design.

4 Cashflow Construction: Discover your real savings capacity through a thorough examination of your income and expenses.

5 Consolidate, Combine & Condense! Consolidate and organize accounts to bring simplicity and measurability to what you own and owe.

6 Tax Thrifty: Ensure we’re maximizing every tax advantaged saving opportunity available to you given your unique personal situation.

7 Risk Range: Review your perception of your ability to stomach market volatility and together discover what it really is!

8 Portfolio Plan: Implement our ideal portfolio crafted just for you, across all accounts, with maximum tax efficiency in mind.

9 Prime Positioning: Rebalance your portfolio by buying low during times of extreme fear (bear markets) and selling high during periods of excessive optimism (bull markets), to achieve a result that is usually superior to the Buy & Hold portfolio approach as well as the Fly-By-The-Seat-of-Your-Pants approach – which is most people!

10 Ever Evolving: Relax and spend time on other things knowing we’ll cover the key financial issues during our quarterly meetings, and that I’ll proactively manage your portfolio to address emerging risks and opportunities to sustain your lifestyle through retirement.

Next Step…

If you’re curious about what kind of value this effort might generate for your individual circumstances, I encourage you to check out my Cost-Benefit Estimator. It takes about 7 minutes and can help you gauge how much you’d benefit from partnering with me.