SustainedLifeStyleTM Approach

The vast majority of executives in technology and the life sciences with whom I partner don’t want to retire on a diminished lifestyle – they want to sustain their current lifestyle through retirement. But to achieve that goal takes a lot of work, planning, and knowledge. At a very high level, key components of this effort are as follows…

Cashflow Construction: based on our discovery sessions together we develop an integrated plan of both what you want in your life ahead and then how you’re going to get it via these key areas:

  • Compensation Maximization: both the market and the IRS can take oversized bites out of your hard-earned executive compensation plans. Let’s not let that happen!
  • Tax-efficient Savings: optimization of tax-efficient savings opportunities such as 401Ks, Mega Roth 401Ks, tax deferred IRAs, Roth IRAs, conversions to Roth IRAs, deferred compensation plans, defined benefit plans, capital loss and gain offsets, capital gain timing, step-up on death, ESOPs, ESPPs, the list goes on…. These are fantastic tools with which we can tailor your future cash flow to your life goals.
  • Tax & Estate Planning: tax planning cannot be done in a vacuum; it needs to be coordinated with estate planning strategy. Simply put, there are many different levers we can pull to bring income forward, push income out, all with the goal of minimizing your lifetime tax burden.
  • Asset Allocation: incorporating asset categories with attractive risk-return characteristics, avoiding unattractive categories, and making sure all the pieces fit together intelligently is a cornerstone of a robust portfolio.
  • Excess Return Drivers: research shows there are three proven excess return drivers in equity markets. We make sure your equity allocation has exposure to each of them.
  • Fund selection: much like a good doctor just wants the very best treatment available for his or her patient, we too, as fiduciary advisors, are product agnostic in that we strive to find the most effective financial products with which to execute your financial plan.
  • Asset location: Various investment products have different tax characteristics. Highly tax-efficient portfolios align those characteristics with the most suitable tax treatment (taxable, tax deferred, Roth).

Prime Positioning: when this approach is executed correctly it allows us to properly position your portfolio to buy low during times of extreme fear (bear markets) and sell high during periods of excessive optimism (bull markets), which is usually superior to both the Buy & Hold approach as well as Fly-By-The Seat-of-Your-Pants approach (which is most people!).

If you’re curious about what kind of value this effort might generate for your individual circumstances, I encourage you to check out my Cost-Benefit Estimator. It takes about 7 minutes and can help you gauge how much you’d benefit from partnering with me.