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Social Security’s Funding Crisis Has Arrived

Gary Shilling, Advisor Perspectives, 07.14.20

If you’re part of the Gen-X generation don’t look to Social Security to provide much of a retirement income supplement – the trust fund will be out of money without further changes to the payroll tax or benefit calculation.

Opinion: How likely is it that Social Security will go broke?

Mark Hulbert,, 02.03.19

Social Security is projected to run out of money by 2034. How concerned should you be?

Opinion: The financial hole for Social Security and Medicare is even deeper than the experts say

James C. Capretta,, 06.16.18

Declining demographics and unrealistic assumptions imply the retirement safety net is in even worse shape that officially declared. All the more reason to use every savings tax break available to minimize future at-risk investment earnings.

This Social Security strategy can help protect your identity

Lorie Konish, CNBC, 05.03.2018

Sign up for your online account with the Social Security Administration to prevent identity theft. If you’re not yet drawing social security benefits, check that identity thieves aren’t drawing your benefits by checking in your online account. Print the Benefit Verification Letter for your records, which will confirm (or not) that you do not receive benefits now, and do not have a pending claim for benefits. Social Security benefits are a valuable future source of income. Don’t put them at risk by overlooking this task that takes only a few minutes. 

Warning: Social Security faces a 23% cut

Paul Brandus,, 11.30.2017

Potential 23% cut to Social Security in just 16 years if nothing is done to bolster this critical program. A likely $1.5T addition to the national debt from tax cuts over the next decade doesn’t help.