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Op-ed: Here are year-end planning tips for employees getting equity compensation

Daniel Zajac, CNBC, 10.19.2020

Given the extreme stock market volatility during the earlier part of this year, and potential for a change in the tax code after this election, incorporating executive compensation into your financial planning should be crossed off your ‘To Do List’ well before year-end.

Only 41% of Employees Receiving Stock Compensation Sold Any: Study

Lawrence Carrel, Forbes, 11.28.2019

Forbes reports on the problem of accumulating too much company stock via executive compensation plans, which can layer net worth risk on top of employer risk. I outline how you might address this situation in an eBook called “3 Keys to Ensure Your Executive Compensation Package is Primed to Perform”. Check it out here.

4 Steps to Maximize Your Executive Compensation

Grant Rawdin, J.D., CFP, Kiplinger, 01.25.2019

A good summary of how to approach executive compensation issues. As with any important effort in life, it’s critical to plan ahead, because as the old saying goes, time is money.

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting Stock Options

John Greathouse, Forbes, 05.06.2015

Stock options by their very nature have a high degree of uncertainty. Estimating the value of executive stock options is easier at large publicly traded companies than it is at smaller and private companies, due to the difference in publicly available data. The following is an excellent summary of the key items you need to know to estimate the value range of stock options in private or even small public companies growing rapidly towards a potential sale.

Don’t overlook the risk that comes with your employee stock options

Sarah O’Brien, CNBC, 02.27.2018

Make the sell decision regarding employee stock or options on the basis of whether it makes sense from an investment and tax perspective, rather than selling reactively due to a spending impulse.