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Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says These 7 Habits Lead to Great Outcomes

Bill Murphy, Jr., Inc.

A good article on raising emotionally well-adjusted children – a great achievement as a parent and financially beneficial for both you and them.

The 4 Legal Documents Your College-Age Child Really Needs

Foster Friedman, J.D.,, 08.08.2019

Does your college-age child have these 4 essential legal documents?

Warren Buffett: This is the No. 1 mistake parents make when teaching kids about money

Tom Popomaronis, CNBC, 07.30.2019

Good habits can start at a young age…

Are elite colleges really a ‘golden ticket’ to a successful life?

Jillian Berman,, 03.17.2019

As expected, elite colleges probably do give your child an earnings edge in business and liberals, but maybe not so much in STEM fields.

It’s Never Too Early to Get Your Kid Saving for Retirement. Here’s How.

Sarah Max, Barron’s, 02.16.2019

Teach your kid to be a smart saver.

Here’s one way to give your kids a jump-start on their future

Sharon Epperson & Jessica Dickler, CNBC, 11.25.2018

Aside from a strong work ethic, two of the other key life skills a parent can impart to their child is saving and investing. Why not do that in a tax-smart way using a Roth IRA as the vehicle?

Parenting lessons for dealing with privileged children

Dan Richards, Globe and Mail, 05.11.2010

Advice for parents on raising children free from the twin scourges of affluenza and entitlitus!

Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 9 Things

Christina DesMarais, Inc., 09.09.2017

Items 6 & 9 are probably the hardest on this list. Or is it #3? Every parent knows what I’m talking about!