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I help Research Triangle-based Executives in the Technology and Life Sciences industries invest wisely, manage taxes more effectively and maximize Executive Compensation opportunities by providing a unique blend of independent financial, wealth management and retirement planning advice.
I use my 15-plus years of Wall Street experience in money management and investment research to focus on what works in investing while screening out everything that doesn’t work. Please see the ELEVATE Your Plan℠  page of this website to learn about many of the strategies that are essential to accelerating your timeline to financial independence.
On the Learn page you’ll find help on navigating executive compensation and other financial planning issues, while insight from other authors on wealth management topics can be found at the Articles page.
And if you’re curious about the value vs. cost of wealth management services for your situation, please consider completing my 7 minute Cost-Benefit Estimator quiz. It’s a good way to learn more about the ways in which I might be able to help you.
Our minimum client account size is $500,000. However, we will sometimes work with clients below that level if the shortfall is temporary.
We custody client assets securely at Fidelity and Schwab.